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    Season Two:

    Episode 20: On with the Show

    Episode 19: Pizza Party

    Episode 18: There's Magic

    Episode 17: Acid Test

    Episode 16: Death Trip

    Episode 15: Long Live the Queen

    Episode 14: Dark Entries

    How To Make A Web Series

    Episode 13: Return of the Deejay

    Episode 12: Warren Strikes Back

    Episode 11: Psychomodo

    Episode 10: Preemptive Self Eulogies

    Episode 9: Merlin

    Season One:

    Episode 8: The Wages of Syn

    Episode 7: The Lamb Lies Down On eBay

    Episode 6: Warren the Redeemer

    Episode 5: Warren the Crusader

    Episode 4: Mister Alkohol

    Episode 3: Soul Song

    Episode 2: Wicked Woman

    Episode 1: Weatherman

    Progcast #3

    Progcast #2

    Progcast #1


    Polyester Dreams is a webisode series featuring the adventures of Warren Orlando, a manic-depressive prog rock radio DJ. The show interweaves the events of Warren's downward spiraling life with homemade music videos for the forgotten songs he plays on his show. Support extinct music! Season Two is here!

    Polyester Dreams - All Episodes
    Join retro radio DJ Warren Orlando this fall as he attempts to get his job back, avoid a mystical curse, and separate the wheat from the chaff of obscure 70s rock!
    For more information, pithy insults, or dive bar recommendations, contact warrenorlando@polyesterdreams.com
    All music in the show is used within guidelines of fair use and best practices. If you are the copyright holder and have questions or concerns, please contact us.
    Characters, episodes and non-musical properties © Azoth Studios, LLC